Bangladesh Target to win 125 let's see their batting performance ➡️➡️

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OUT! TAKEN! Dhananjaya de Silva draws first blood and very early in the innings! He bowls a half-tracker and keeps it on middle.

OUT! CASTLED! ABSOLUTE BEAUTY! Nuwan Thushara nails this one. Full and swinging in onto off.

FOUR! LUCKY! Maheesh Theekshana goes flatter and fuller on off.

OUT! TAKEN! BRILLIANT CATCH! Nuwan Thushara strikes again. He goes full and wide outside off.

FOUR! CLASSY! Nuwan Thushara serves it on a good length and keeps it outside off. Litton Das leans into the shot as he punches it through the gap at covers.

FOUR! BEAUTIFUL! Matheesha Pathirana goes full and on the off pole. Towhid Hridoy walks towards it and drives it with perfect timing down the ground.

SIX! BANG! Wanindu Hasaranga loops it full and keeps it outside off. Towhid Hridoy gets down on a knee and slogs it with power.

SIX! BOOM! Short of a length, angling into the batter. Das picks the length early, gets into a good position, and pulls it over deep square leg boundary for a flat hit.

SIX! SMOKED! Tossed up full, on the middle and leg. Towhid Hridoy gets down on his knees and hammers it over deep mid-wicket for a biggie.

SIX MORE! Make that two in a row! Floated, full, at the stumps. Hridoy sits down and pumps over deep mid-wicket for back to back sixes.

SIX! A hat-trick of sixes from Hridoy! Pitched full, outside off. Towhid Hridoy makes room and lofts it over long-off boundary for three in a row.

OUT! LBW! Wanindu Hasaranga has the last laugh! Goes full and quick at the stumps. Hridoy plays it across the line to sweep it away but misses and gets pinned in front.

OUT! LBW! A loud appeal and given! Wanindu Hasaranga bowls a googly, on the middle and leg stump line. Litton Das prods forward to block this but misses the line and is trapped in front.

OUT! CAUGHT AT THIRD MAN! What a fantastic catch by Maheesh Theekshana! Short ball, just outside off. Shakib Al Hasan hangs back and plays the upper-cut, guides it toward the third man region.

OUT! BOWLED'EM! Sri Lanka are fighting hard! Slower length ball, at the stumps. Rishad Hossain makes room to flay this through the off-side but gets deceived by the change of pace.

Appeal but not given! Thushara bowls it full and at the stumps.Third umpire made the decision is out.

SIX! EASY PICKINGS! Shanaka offers a gift. Bowls a full toss, around off. Mahmudullah gets across and helps it over deep square leg for a maximum.


Bangladesh win by 2 wickets.

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