FOUR! BANG! OFF THE MARK IN STYLE! Tanzim Hasan Sakib goes a bit fuller and angles it into leg.

FOUR! MORE RUNS! Taskin Ahmed delivers it short again, this time outside off.

OUT! CHOPPED ON! Taskin Ahmed has the final laugh and he draws first blood! Ahmed serves it short, just tightening the line this time.

SIX! BANG! LOVELY! Tanzim Hasan Sakib bowls it full and outside off. Pathum Nissanka stands back and hits it through the line.

FOUR MORE! Shakib Al Hasan bowls a half-tracker on middle. Pathum Nissanka swivels and pulls it to clear mid-wicket.

FOUR! TOYING WITH THE FIELD! Shakib Al Hasan sticks to the fuller length and on middle. Pathum Nissanka lofts it over mid on now and that is another free run for the ball to the fence. Fourth of the over.

OUT! TAKEN! Gets a wicket on his first ball! Mustafizur Rahman runs in and serves it on a length around middle.

FOUR! OFF THE MARK! Mustafizur Rahman delivers it full and wide outside off. Dhananjaya de Silva carves it through the gap at point.

FOUR! TAKE THAT! Short of a length, around off. Nissanka picks the length early and pumps it to deep mid-wicket region. One bounce and over the ropes.

OUT! TAKEN! In the air and gone! Mustafizur Rahman gets his second! Slower-length ball, around off.

SIX! BOOM! Charith Asalanka breaks the shackles with a maximum! Flighted, full, around off.

HOLES OUT IN THE DEEP! Rishad Hossain strikes! Tossed up on off. Charith Asalanka gets on one knee and slogs it aerially toward the deep square leg region.

OUT! TAKEN IN THE SLIPS! Rishad Hossain gets two in two! Leg break, on the middle and leg stump line.

OUT! STUMPED! Rishad Hossain is having a terrific outing. He picks his third of the match.

OUT! EDGED AND TAKEN! Taskin Ahmed has mixed up his lengths nicely in this over and gets rewarded with a big wicket! A quick short ball, just outside off.

OUT! In the air...TAKEN! Mustafizur Rahman bowls it quick and on a length outside off.

FOUR! FINALLY! Tanzim Hasan Sakib serves it short and slow. Angelo Mathews muscles it towards the cow corner and the fielder there makes a judgement error.

OUT! TAKEN! A slower one now, on a length. Angelo Mathews wanted to pull it away but gets early into the shot.

Sri Lanka end their innings on 124.

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