SIX! WOW! It does not take long for Rohit Sharma to get going! The Indian skipper picked the bones out of that.

FOUR! Class is written all over it and Virat Kohli is away! Naseem gets a good away shape on this one, full and outside off, Virat Kohli stays balanced in the crease and extends his hands to cream the drive-through covers.

OUT! TAKEN! Straight to the fielder and it is Naseem Shah with the first strike for Pakistan.

FOUR! Too straight and these are easy pickings for Rohit Sharma. Strays on the pads with a short fine leg in place and it is full as well, Rohit Sharma allows the ball to come to him and helps it to the left of short fine leg for a boundary.

OUT! IN THE AIR AND GONE! The Eagle has landed in New York. India rocked early with both back openers in the hut.

SIX! More in control and Axar Patel gets the maximum reward! Digs it in short but offers width on off, Axar Patel waits for the ball to come to him and ramps it over the keeper and the first slip for half a dozen.

EDGED AND FOUR! Pitched up full and wide of the off stump, Rishabh Pant throws his hands at the ball and gets a thick outside edge as the ball goes quickly and wide of first slip.

FOUR! Rishabh Pant going for broke here and he has picked up 11 vital runs off miscued shots.

FOUR! Now, that is a lovely shot! Tossed up at the stumps, Axar Patel skips down the pitch, holds his shape really well and just lifts it back over the bowler's head for a boundary.

OUT! TIMBER! Axar Patel looked to be aggressive there but got cleaned up instead.

FOUR! Slower ball, Rishabh Pant picks it up and gets it away to the fence. This is pitched up outside off stump, Pant waits well and then lifts it over wide mid-off for a boundary.

FOUR! That is classic Pant, no idea how he played that shot but he gets the boundary again.

FOUR! Executed to perfection! Fires it in and it is shorter as well, on off, Rishabh Pant employs the reverse sweep and hits it over short third for a boundary.

OUT! CAUGHT! Haris Rauf strikes back after an expensive first over. He is pumped up as is Mohammad Amir who bangs the ball into the turf.

OUT! CAUGHT AND BOWLED! The bowling change has done the trick for Pakistan. Shivam Dube falls early and India has now lost half their side.

OUT! TAKEN! A massive blow to India as the well-set Rishabh Pant departs. Pakistan have pulled things back and how since the halfway mark.

OUT! STRAIGHT TO THE FIELDER! Two in two for Mohammad Amir. Ravindra Jadeja pushes in front of his body and gets half-forward as he looks to get it through the off side.

Good length around off and angling away, Arshdeep Singh walks across and tucks it to the leg side in front of square for one more. The 100 comes up for India as well.

FOUR! Stand and deliver from Arshdeep Singh. This is banged in halfway down the pitch, no real intent on that one. Singh picks it up and lifts it high in front of the mid-wicket region.

FOUR! Nicely done in the end by Hardik Pandya. Banged in quick and short outside the off stump, Pandya backs away a bit and slashes at it.

OUT! CAUGHT! In the air and taken! Hardik Pandya has holed out in the deep and perishes at a crucial time.

OUT! CAUGHT! Jasprit Bumrah just leans right ahead and drives it straight into the hands of Imad Wasim at short cover who takes a sharp catch.

OUT! RUN OUT! Uh, oh! Complete miscommunication there between Mohammed Siraj and Arshdeep Singh and finally, Pakistan could close out the innings.

India is bundled out for 119, the lowest total for which they have ever been bowled out in a T20 World Cup match while batting first.

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