India finishes on 119 Let's see Pakistan's Batting & India's Bowling Performance ➡️➡️➡️

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FOUR! That had class written all over it. Starts off with a fullish delivery, on off stump and just seaming away a touch.

FOUR! Top shot from Babar Azam. Jasprit Bumrah drops the length short and bowls it around off, Babar is quick to pick up the length and climbs into the pull, hammering it in front of mid-wicket for a boundary.

OUT! CAUGHT! A ripper of a catch from Suryakumar Yadav and he is absolutely thrilled with that take.

SIX! Excellent use of the feet! Hardik keeps it really full but offers a bit of width, allowing the batter to free his arms.

FOUR! Hit with authority and this should help Usman Khan feel a lot better.

FOUR! Lovely shot! A boundary off the last ball spoils what was turning out to be a quiet over.

OUT! LBW! Excellent review! Bowls it with a high-arm action and slides it well into the batter from around off stump.

SIX! Fakhar Zaman just about manages to keep his shape and he has nailed it over the fence.

FOUR! Poor line from Arshdeep Singh and Fakhar Zaman deals with it effectively. Too full and just angling down leg, Fakhar picks it up and flicks it down to fine leg for a boundary.

EDGED AND FOUR! A handy boundary for Imad Wasim and Pakistan.

OUT! BOWLED'EM! That's Jasprit Bumrah for you, never ever miss out on the big occasion.

OUT! GONE! Hardik Pandya strikes again! Another well-directed bumper from the Indian all-rounder and he gets the reward.

OUT! IN THE AIR AND GONE! A bit of miscommunication but Arshdeep Singh did the job in the end! Jasprit Bumrah closes out the over in the best possible fashion.

OUT! EDGED AND GONE! Expertly held by Rishabh Pant and India could not have asked for a better start to the final over. Arshdeep slips in a yorker from over the wicket, angling in, at the toes, Imad Wasim gets cramped for room as he looks to jam it out.

FOUR! A boundary but it will not be enough for Pakistan. That should do it for India and now, Arshdeep Singh needs to ensure that he does not concede any extras here.

India won by 6 runs. FREE Download Full Match Schedule on below the link.

FREE Download Full Match Schedule on below the link.