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Business Growth Consultant


✅I am a Business Growth Consultant with the help of Digital Marketing, 

I specialized in Website Designer/Developer in WordPress, 

✅Landing Page & Funnel Builder


✅YouTube Content Creator,

✅Promoting/Marketing & Sale Digital Products through Google, Facebook, YouTube Ads, 

SEO Specialist, 

Affiliate Marketing,

✅Social Media Marketing (SMM)

✅Professional Video Editing

✅E-mail Marketing

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Professional Certificates in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Internship Certificate
Digital Marketing Internship Certificate
Digital Marketing Certificate
Digital Marketing Certificate
Rahul Bhatnagar Rise & Shine Certificate
Rahul Bhatnagar Rise & Shine Certificate
Funnel Growth Summit
Funnel Growth Summit
Guinness World Record 2022
Guinness World Record 2022
Certificate Of 2D Animation
Certificate Of 2D Animation
Guinness World Record 2023
Guinness World Record 2023
Jadavpur University BPO Certificate
Jadavpur University BPO Certificate
World Record On International Yoga Day
World Record On International Yoga Day 2023
World Record On International Yoga Day 2024
World Record On International Yoga Day 2024

Work Experience in Digital Marketing

My Landing Page Design
My Landing Page Design
My Client's Sales Page
My Client's Sales Page
Social Media Marketing (SMM) Client
Social Media Marketing (SMM) Client
Professional Video Editing Services
Professional Video Editing
Google My Business Profile (GMB)
Google My Business Profile
Our Services
Our Services

How To Start Coaching Business With 1 Lakh Budget ?

Personalized Strategy Consultation

We need to talk with one to one consultation to understand your coaching business niche, Where your PCA is, What your goal is, and Where your target audience is, After that I can find to target that audience. But without discussion, I can give you the resources which I usually follow for my clients. 

Targeted Marketing Campaigns

After that, I will create & manage highly targeted marketing campaigns in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram ads. Also, I need to find an exact keyword, A-B testing or Split ads to find your PCA or lookalike audience after that I can run the re-target ads for lookalike audiences on Youtube, Google, Facebook, Instagram. Our ads should be a FREE webinar on 15th August at 7 pm.

Now After running ads, I can see who is leaving our Landing Page but did not want to register & I can get all this information with the help of google analytics & Facebook Pixel. Then I can show ads & retarget them to particular audiences because they have now converted cold customers into hot customers. We can find conversion easily from them.

When we get leads then we will start cold calls & ask them to register for our workshop, Then we will send SMS, E-mails regularly, Also we can send e-books to make them aware of your product & give them FE product for free via e-mail marketing & we can start WhatsApp & telegram group for the close customer who is become hot leads. Ultimately we will give more value in various ways to our audience & they must see our video ads, content, articles when they wake up in the morning & go to sleep at night.

I run your target-based ads as per your audience, I will run your ads as “Interest-Based” ads, I know where the option is to run these ads, and I can run ads as per the Age group, Location wise & Behaviour wise ads to reach the exact audience for your product. 

Now, what we have to do, first I can show you when the first Presentation will happen with you, without the PPT presentation you can not understand all these points, I will give the presentation to all my client for the first time to understand the process,  So, as per your available time we will come online & I will show you all the resources which I usually provide to the client. It is a PPT & Live Video call with you to discuss your project, If you understand & satisfied then we will work together. 

Content Creation Support

“In organic search engine, traffic drives over 50% of all website traffic.”

I can guide you on how to create content, and I can provide you with the script for your content on an everyday basis, You can see that script is high quality & engaging content for your audiences, You will get assurance on this when you will go to sign up with me, all these instruction will be written over there. 

Now, In Organic Reach, I will create your all Social Media profile pages like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, Threads. Publish your content on a daily basis Twice a day to get more reach for your product. Maybe it’s your video or image for the content we will publish till 15th August to get more registration. Also, I try to give you the support to get monetize your social media page as soon as possible, here I work for you to publish reels, shorts that your followers want to learn from you for free. 

Actually, you need to give some free resources to understand your product for your followers. Why your follower will go to sign up if they could not get any profit from you, so you need to give some advice & more effective for their life or profit for their business. Then, they will come & register for your upcoming webinar. 

I will create first a FE product for your audience to give you free then on 15th August you will show your OTO 1 product on the webinar. It will easily convert or get sold for your OTO 1 product because already you gave FE product to your audience & they are happy because they got the profit from your product & they want more profit or they want to learn more to generate more revenue from your OTO 1 product. Because you have your PCA so you can convert them easily also I give you the PPT for this webinar, you have to get training from me that how to give a webinar if you don’t know then I will give proper training. 

On here, you need to build your team for cold calling to get more leads, I will give a few contact or person. They are very good for cold calling Because I work in the BPO sector & I got from that industry, Take them as an internship & check who is making sales for you, I mean who is going to convert webinar registration for you after that you can take them for the full-time position, of course, you need to give some amount for that work, Think of it, you can easily get conversion from them with cold audience to hot audience. After that, you will get to sell to that audience from the webinar because they already know your product. 

After the webinar you need to guide your customer about your product & upcoming product in the future, actually, you can get OTO 2 sales from your existing customer so you need to find out who is the permanent customer for your product. Here is the hook, you need to nurture your customer on a daily basis, you have to make customer support for the product-related problem & Create a Private Group on Facebook & chat with them, You can hire one person to operate these all your social media groups & handle your customer as per their queries, you can also engage to your customer, it builds more trust for your customer. 

Also, You have to come on every week to nurture your customer & give lessons that how to get more profit from your product. Show them the case studies if you have, If not then train them to generate revenue from your product & tell them to publish all the success stories in your Community. For all these training sessions I will help you to create PPT for every week, do not worry about this. I can take care of that. Also, we can give content or subjects to your customer & tell them to create this content & publish it from our community as per your product every day. So they can learn quickly from the daily basis content or subject. The more you give the more you get. 

Analytics and Reporting

  1. You will receive a daily report on Google Docs.
  2. You can check your mail on a daily basis progress of our work. 

  3. You will get all the performance reports of Marketing campaigns or Ads. 

  4. This data will help you to make the decision & optimize your coaching business for maximum growth. 

  5. I am providing ongoing support 24*7. 

  6. If you get stuck at any point then I will solve & clear all the obstacles path which you will face.
  7. I will give you all the answers that you will face on this journey. You will have all the answers to any queries. 

  8. I will provide all the guidance, and address any concerns throughout our partnership or agreement.

  9. I will inform you when you have to quit on this particular point & when to invest in your upcoming project.
  10. I will handle all the software system which is needed for this project.

  11. When you are taking the webinar I will stand on your backhand to support all the tools for the webinar.
  12. I will send all the links that you need for that webinar at that time.
  13. If you face any problem by chance then I will be redirected to a new webinar. 

  14. Automatically the webinar link be sent to your attendees if the existing webinar will stop by chance. 

  15. I will provide all the “payment gateway” links on that webinar, you just need to focus on your PPT to convert the sales.
  16. If any person wants to talk then I will manage & inform our existing salesperson to make a call & generate sales.
  17. Every day at a particular time we will discuss about our upcoming plan after getting the all analytics reports
  18. Every day I will give you all the strategies that you need to develop for your business. 

  19. Our total team will focus on that 15th August webinar. 

  20. After the webinar, we aim to build a strong and long-lasting relationship with you to ensure your coaching business thrives.



After showing Ads & organic content from all your social media pages we will get :

  • Average lead 350 daily bases from all the content
  • Weekly Leads 350 * 7 = 3500
  • Weekly Unique Leads – 5% – 3500 * 5% = 175

  • 30 days Unique Leads 175 * 30 = 5250
  • PCA – 5250 * 2% = 105 

  • Product Price – 20,000
  • 1St Revenue – 20,000 * 105 = 21,00,000
  • Ads Running & Sales Internship payment or incentives & all expenses including my charges – 7,00,000 (3 + 3 +1)
  • Your Profit ₹14,00,000 Lakh.

“Let's the journey begin”

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