SIX! Wow, what a shot to get the innings underway! Pitched up right in the slot around middle, Quinton de Kock nonchalantly picks it up and whacks it a long way over the deep square leg fence for a biggie. De Kock and South Africa are up and running.

OUT! LBW! Tanzim Hasan Sakib with a fine comeback and he finishes the first over with a big wicket.

SIX! Smashed away by Quinton de Kock again! Taskin Ahmed bangs it in on a hard length and bowls it over middle and leg.

OUT! BOWLED'EM! Tanzim Hasan Sakib is running in celebration and why not! This is smart bowling from Tanzim as he goes a bit wider on the crease and brings the line much closer to the off stump.

OUT! TIMBER! Top order woes continue for South Africa as the Bangladeshi frontline pacers are all over them.

OUT! CAUGHT! Would you believe it? Bangladesh are making this track their own and the crowd is getting right behind them as well.

FOUR! Mustafizur Rahman goes very full this time on middle and leg, a cutter but the length was good enough for Heinrich Klaasen to drill it down past mid on for a boundary.

SIX! Welcome boundary! A boundary here and there is what South Africa needed and these two are showing their experience here.

SIX! AGAIN! 50 up for the Proteas! Rishad Hossain bowls a half-tracker on middle, Heinrich Klaasen anyday of the week will blow this away, he goes back and hammers it over mid-wicket for a six.

FOUR! Heinrich Klaasen is going after the young leggie and is getting the most out of it.

SIX! Stellar timing from David Miller and that has gone all the way and ruined a perfectly good over for Mustafizur Rahman.

SIX! BANG! Much needed! Looks like it will be Heinrich Klaasen, the aggressor now. Floats it full and on off, in the slot and it is tonked over long off for a biggie.

OUT! BOWLED! A perfect time to get the wicket of Heinrich Klaasen! Bangladesh on top here.

OUT! BOWLED! Could this be the decisive moment when the game ends? What a delivery! What a wicket

South Africa end with 113 runs on the board

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