LBW! An early blow for Papua New Guinea as the skipper goes! Assad Vala has reviewed it. If no bat, that is clearly out.

FOUR! Sese Bau is off the mark! A length ball, outside off. Bau drives it aerially and overpoint. The fielder from the third man runs across but fails to stop despite a dive.

OUT! TAKEN! The second one is down for PNG! Sese Bau takes the charge, this is just short of a length and on off. Bau swings hard but without much conviction. It goes up but not far away as Roger Mukasa takes it at mid-off.

OUT! TAKEN! So, a couple of batter goes by swinging wildly. Short of a length and outside of, too much pace for Tony Ura to work it around, he swings but only to hit it to mid on where Roger Mukasa takes the skier.

FOUR! HIT HARD! Cosmas Kyewuta gives width, this is well outside off. Hiri Hiri hammers it through cover-point and it races away to the fence.

FOUR! A welcome boundary for PNG! Tossed up, full and on middle, Lega Siaka goes down on one knee and nails his sweep through square leg for four runs.

OUT! RUN OUT! Suicidal running from the PNG batters! This one is on a hard length and on off.

EDGED AND FOUR! Brian Masaba bowls this a bit quicker, full and on off, Hiri Hiri tries to flick it away but closes the face of the bat early.

OUT! BOWLED! PNG loose half of their side now. Frank Nsubuga just slows it up a bit and bowls it full and tailing on the leg. Charles Amini uses his feet and tries to heave but gets a faint inside edge and it clips the leg pole.

OUT! LBW! Quicker, fuller and in the middle, Hiri Hiri comes down the track and heaves but gets hit plumb on the pads. An appeal but the finger stays down. Uganda take it upstairs.

SIX! BANG! First maximum of the match! Is that a sign of changing gears here? Floated, full and in the middle, Kiplin Doriga dances down the track and tonks it over the bowler's head for a biggie.

OUT! LBW! Alpesh Ramjani strikes again! A brilliant review from Uganda and they get the reward here. This is flatter, full and on middle, angling in a bit, Kiplin Doriga goes down for the sweep but misses and gets hit on the pads.

OUT! BOWLED'EM! The skipper joins the party now! Brian Masaba pushes this one through quicker, full and in the middle.

OUT! TIMBER! Juma Miyagi gets his second now! He goes full and straight, Alei Nao tries to make room and throws his bat at it, but plays all over it as the ball rattles the stumps. Papua New Guinea is nine down now.

OUT! EDGED AND GONE! Cosmas Kyewuta lands this on a good length and on off, Norman Vanua uses his feet to punch it away but only manages to get a thin outside edge behind where Simon Ssesazi makes no mistake.

Papua New Guinea have been bowled out for 77.

OUT! PLUMB IN FRONT! Roger Mukasa bags his second duck in this World Cup! Alei Nao continues with his fuller length, on and off, this one nips back in sharply, and Mukasa tries to play at it but goes completely down the wrong line and gets hit on the pads.

OUT! TAKEN! A nothing shot and Robinson Obuya has to go back to the hut as well. Norman Vanua lands this on a good length, in the middle, Robinson Obuya stays back and tries to loft it away, but all of his weight is on the back foot and he ends up scuffing it towards mid on where Assad Vala takes a dolly.

OUT! LBW! Another huge shout and up goes the finger! It is Alei Nao once again. He serves this full and around middle, shaping in a shy bit, Simon Ssesazi stays in his crease and tries to work it away but gets beaten due to the inward movement as the ball thumps him on the pads.

FOUR! Pressure-releasing shot! Short of a length and outside off, Alpesh Ramjani gets the chance to free his arms and crunches it through point for the first boundary of this chase.

OUT! Through the defense! Uganda are making it difficult for themselves. A length ball from around the wicket, outside off and it jags back in sharply. Ramjani is bamboozled by the movement, he misses his flick and it crashes the stumps.

OUT! GONE! Another one bites the dust. This is really poor batting now. Assad Vala bowls it full and well wide of off.

FOUR! Fine shot! A loopy full toss, on off, Riazat Ali Shah strides out nicely, opens the face of his bat, and drives it beautifully wide of long off for a boundary.

OUT! RUN OUT! This is exactly what Uganda did not need at this point in time! This is pitched up, in the middle.

OUT! TAKEN! Something to cheer for Papua New Guinea! Shah's defensive approach has been broken.

FOUR! Final shot. Waiswa sweeps it to fine leg for a couple of runs.


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