A loud appeal but not given! South Africa takes the review. OUT!

FOUR! First of the game! Glorious stroke! Full and outside off. There to be driven and Singh does so.

OUT! EDGED AND TAKEN! That is a fine catch. Ottneil Baartman gets a wicket in the first over yet again!

OUT! CLEANS HIM UP! Three for South Africa! On middle. Length ball. Singh looks to heave it on the leg side but misses. It hits the stumps.

OUT! TAKEN! Anrich Nortje strikes now! the ball loops up off the splice wide of backward point, David Miller moves to his left and takes a fine diving catch.

SIX! What a shot that is! Excellent innovation! On middle and the reverse paddle scoop is out.

OUT! RUN OUT! That is brilliant from Aiden Markram! On middle. This is tapped towards mid on. Not a run there but Edwards goes for it. Markram runs in, picks it up and with a dive forward, underarms it onto the stumps.

OUT! TAKEN! Another one bites the dust. A duck for Teja. Short and on off. He looks to play the upper cut but only manages to get a leading edge due to the extra bounce, the ball flies straight to third man.

FOUR! A welcome boundary for Netherlands! Floated and around middle, Sybrand Engelbrecht uses his feet nicely and lofts it over the bowler's head for four runs.

FOUR! Just wide! Short of a length and on middle, Sybrand Engelbrecht connects with his pull nicely wide of deep square leg, Reeza Hendricks dives to his right, almost reaches for it but the ball goes away for a boundary.

FOUR! A streaky boundary! Marco Jansen goes short again and on leg, Logan van Beek tries to pull but gets an top edge that flies over to the fine leg fence for four more runs.

SIX! BANG! Much-needed for Netherlands! Kagiso Rabada bangs this short and on off, slower too, Sybrand Engelbrecht reads it early, waits for it and swats it away over the wide long on fence for a biggie.

FOUR! A fine end to the over for Netherlands! Touch fuller and around off, Logan van Beek goes down, reaches for it and musclse it over the bowler's head for another boundary.

OUT! TAKEN! Ottneil Baartman gets his second! He follows the batter and serves this full, angling into leg, Sybrand Engelbrecht gets cramped up as he tries to loft it away, mistmes his shot badly towards extra covers where Marco Jansen takes a dolly.

OUT! STRAIGHT TO THE FIELDER! Ottneil Baartman bangs this into the pitch, on middle, Tim Pringle stays back and pulls it away, but unfortunately he hits it straight to short mid-wicket where Aiden Markram leaps up and grabs a good catch.

Netherlands finishes on 103/9

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