EDGED AND FOUR! Pitched up and around off, Anil Sah tries to slog it across the line but gets an outside edge that just flies over the first slip for a boundary.

OUT! TAKEN! Tim Pringle draws first blood and the crowd here goes absolutely silent! This one is pushed through a bit quicker.

FOUR! Lovely shot! Vivian Kingma goes a bit too full this time, on the fifth stump line, Anil Sah leans onto his drive nicely and caresses it through covers for a boundary to get off the mark.

OUT! LBW! Dream start for Logan van Beek! He gets a wicket with his very first delivery of the match.

FOUR! It's very important for Nepal to buy boundaries regularly. A length ball, outside off. Rohit Paudel comes down and makes a bit of room, slashes it over covers for a boundary.

OUT! GONE! Tim Pringle roars as he gets his second wicket. Nepal is in trouble now. Pringle flights it full and around off.

FOUR! Superb shot! Welcome boundary! Pitched up, outside off. Malla leans into his lofted shot and hits it over mid-off for a boundary. 50 up for Nepal.

OUT! TAKEN! Massive, massive wicket! Tell you what, Malla could have been very dangerous but goes cheaply this time.

OUT! EDGED AND GONE! Bas de Leede strikes now! The pressure was building and Dipendra Singh Airee had to walk back now.

FOUR! A welcome boundary for Nepal! Logan van Beek lands this on a hard length but down the leg side, begging to be put away.

OUT! BOWLED'EM! A ripper from Paul van Meekeren! He lands this on a good length and around off, nips back in sharply off the surface.

SIX! The crowd gets their voice back! A biggie for the occasion! Tossed up, around off, Khan slog-sweeps it hard and over long on for a maximum.

OUT! TAKEN! A crucial wicket at a crucial time. Rohit Paudel goes! Tossed up, around off and spins away.

SIX! That was a hit-me ball! Short in length but tailing on the hips. Karan KC goes back and pulls it over fine leg and it goes all the way.

SIX! Powered! Karan KC playing a fine cameo here. A length ball, outside off. Karan KC hammers it over long on and it goes for a six.

OUT! TAKEN! Yet another sharp catch, this time from Kingma. Outside off on a length. Karan KC slashes but top edges it to third man.

OUT! BOWLED! That's a peach of a delivery from Logan van Beek! He gets his second wicket. A scrambled seam delivery, full and on middle.

OUT! GONE! Logan van Beek ends with three wickets. Shorter and around off, Abinash Bohara with a wild swing across the line, it takes the slice of the bat and flies up.

NEPAL END WITH 106 RUNS. Nederland target is 107 runs.

OUT! GONE! The crowd goes absolutely nuts! Nepal fans have assembled and are pushing their team here.

FOUR! Crunched! The first one off the chase. Fuller delivery, outside off, Singh leans and drives it through mid off and it races away to the fence.

FOUR! The third boundary in the last four balls. Touch fuller and on middle, Max O'Dowd flicks on the up and over mid-wicket for a boundary.

FOUR! The left-handed batters love to play this shot. On a length and outside off. Singh hangs on the back foot and punches it through covers for four runs.

FOUR! Max O'Dowd takes a chance and it pays off here! Pitched up, in the middle, Max O'Dowd looks to loft it over mid-on but gets an inside edge as the ball flies over mid-wicket for a boundary.

OUT! PLUMB IN FRONT! Dipendra Singh Airee gets a huge breakthrough here! He floates this up, full and on middle, Vikramjit Singh goes down for the sweep but misses it completely and gets hit on the pads. There is a huge shout for LBW, and up goes the finger.

FOUR! Threads it through! Watch out for Sybrand Engelbrecht in this tournament. Fantastic player. Length and outside off. Engelbrecht punches it through covers for a boundary.

OUT! RUN OUT! A wicket out of nowhere for Nepal! Can Nepal build on this or is it too late? A length ball in the middle, Max O'Dowd punches it right back, Kami falls over but he still somehow gets something on it, the ball brushes his palms and hits the stumps on the other side.

OUT! DRAGGED ON! Abinash Bohara strikes! Just what Nepal wanted at this point in time.

FOUR! Pressure-releasing shot! Abinash Bohara hits the hard length, angling into leg, Max O'Dowd stays in his crease and whips it away towards the deep backward square leg fence for a boundary.

SIX! BANG! FIFTY FOR Max O'Dowd! A fantastic knock under huge amount of pressure and he will want to stay there till the end now.

FOUR! Bas de Leede finishes things off in fine fashion! Abinash Bohara serves this very full and around off, Bas de Leede strides out a bit and drills it past extra covers for a boundary.


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