OUT! GONE! Early strike for Scotland as Kotze goes. Short in length and on middle, it was there to be pull and Kotze hits well but straight in the hands of Brandon McMullen who takes it well at short mid-wicket.

FOUR! Delicious shot! A length ball, outside off. Frylinck backs away and punches it through cover-point for a boundary.

OUT! CHOPPED ON! The movement is doing it for Scotland! They are enjoying bowling right now. Length and outside off, shapes away.

OUT! GONE! Davin goes after hitting a couple of boundaries. Short of a length and wide of off, width again and Davin cuts but edges it down to third man where Bradley Currie takes it.

SIX! That didn't look like a shot tailored for six but still gets the runs. Tossed up, outside off. Erasmus makes room and lofts it over long off and it goes all the way.

FOUR! This is counter-punch from Erasmus! Suddenly it feels like Namibia are in control. Floated full and on middle, Erasmus slog-sweeps it over to long on for a boundary.

OUT! TAKEN! Scotland get another wicket. Chris Greaves strikes. Tosses it up, around off, a googly. Malan Kruger comes down to heave but it goes more off the lower half of the bat and to long on.

FOUR! Erasmus is in some touch today! He moves to 30! More width from Chris Greaves outside off and this is cut through point for a boundary.

SIX! A splendid hit from the Namibia skipper and he gets his fifty in style. Tossed up around off, George Munsey slog sweeps this over the fielder at wide long on for a maximum.

OUT! STUMPED! Short of a length and a bit quicker, George Munsey advances down the trakc and looks to go big but misses. The keeper collects the ball and removes the bails in a flash with the batter way outside his crease.

SIX! GIGANTIC! Tossed up outside off, David Wiese uses the long handle to a good effect and smashes this up and over the sight screen for a maximum.

SIX! HUGE! Tossed up around leg, Zane Green slog sweeps this way behind the fence over the deep square leg fence for a maximum.

FOUR! INNOVATIVE BY ZANE! Short of a length outside off, Zane Green switches stance early and reverse laps this over the short third fielder for a boundary.

OUT! TAKEN! That is a massive wicket as this stage of the game. This could make a difference of 15 runs to the final score. Wheal bowls a slower one. It is just outside off.

OUT! TAKEN! Another one bites the dust! Scotland have managed to take wickets at the right time so far. Excellent stuff from Wheal. Length and around off. Green looks to go over mid off but does not get the elevation he wanted. Jones takes it.

OUT! TAKEN! Three wickets in quick succession and Namibia are losing their way here. Currie has another one. A slower one on the pads. Ruben Trumpelmann looks to go over the leg side but he picks the wrong side.

SIX! Bang! That is well over and that is the ideal start to the last over. This is with the wind. Shorter and on middle. It sits up to be hit.

OUT! RUN OUT! Really not sure where Smit was going there. There was no second. On middle. This is hit down to long on. They take one and Smit turns for the second but realises his partner is not coming. He turns and looks to get back in.

Namibia end with 155 - 9

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FOUR! Something has to give and Jones gets a boundary that will release the pressure. He steps out. He makes it into a half volley and lifts it over mid off.

OUT! TAKEN! Munsey falls. The biggest wicket of all probably and Namibia will feel they are well and truly on top now. Length and around off. Munsey steps out and looks to go over mid off.

FOUR! Thumped down the ground! That is much needed. They need this to be a big over. That is way too full and Jones thumps it down the ground and to the long on fence.

FOUR MORE! Lucky but Scotland won't really care. Shorter and on middle. Jones swings across the line, this goes off the inside edge past the leg pole and down to the fine leg fence.

OUT! EDGED AND TAKEN! Erasmus did it with the bat and now gets the massive wicket of Jones. Leading from the front is the skipper.

FOUR MORE! Short and on middle. Brandon rocks back and slams it past the bowler. This races away to the fence too.

OUT! STUMPED! That is sloppy. That is very sloppy from McMullen. He had a lot of time to get back. Not sure what he was doing there? Erasmus gets another one and just as the runs started to flow, Namibia strike.

OUT! LBW! That is as plumb as it gets. Cross almost started to walk! On middle. This one holds its line. Cross sweeps but misses and this hits the pad.

SIX! Much needed! Better from Scotland. On a length and on middle, Richie Berrington takes his chance as he goes back and heaves, two fielders in the deep but clears square leg with ease.

FOUR! 16 runs of the over. This is full and outside off, Richie Berrington lofts it over covers and it races away to the fence.

SIX! 100 up for Scotland now. This is a great shot. Full and outside off. Leask slogs it over mid-wicket and gets six runs.

SIX! That is a welcome biggie. Timely one too. Shorter and on middle. The pull shot comes out and it is nailed over the mid-wicket fence.

SIX! Bang! Wiese is gutted with himself. Absolutely gutted. Wiese was the man Scotland were relying on but he goes for plenty and probably bowls the over which takes the game away from Namibia.

SIX! That is massive. That is enormous. My word, what a gem of a knock this is from Leask. On middle. A slower one. He picks it, waits for it and smokes it over the mid-wicket fence for a biggie.

OUT! TAKEN! Leask holes out but he has done his job for his side. What a knock. Brilliant. Came out when his side was in trouble and has probably won them the game. Just the 9 needed. He looks to go for another big one.

SIX! Finishes it off in style! Take a bow, Richie Berrington. The skipper hits the winning runs. Another strong hit. A slower one on off. He launches it over the long on fence.

Scotland win by 5 wickets.

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