FOUR! Too straight and these are easy pickings for Andy Balbirnie. Slides on the pads, on a back of a length, Andy Balbirnie gets inside the line and swivels to help it away.

OUT! IN THE AIR AND GONE! Arshdeep Singh with the first strike for India. Charges in from over the wicket and hits the deck hard, around off and middle, Paul Stirling sets himself deep in his crease and shapes up to go across the line.

OUT! CLEANED HIM UP! Arshdeep Singh works out Andy Balbirnie perfectly! Balbirnie never looked comfortable in this over and both Irish openers are back in the hut early.

FOUR! Innovative and effective! This is around the middle and leg, on a short of a good length, Lorcan Tucker walks across to the offside early and plays the scoop towards the fine leg fence for his first boundary.

FOUR! Width offered and Lorcan Tucker cashes in! Angling away, on the back of a length, wide on off. Lorcan Tucker gets on his toes, frees his arms and slaps it through covers for a boundary.

OUT! BOWLED'EM! Hardik strikes now and Ireland is in deep trouble with three men down now

OUT! TAKEN! Oh dear, this is getting troublesome for Ireland now! The dangerous Harry Tector too walks back to the sheds now.

SIX! Shot! Full and right into the arc on the stumps, Curtis Campher lifts it nicely over mid-on for a maximum.

OUT! CAUGHT BEHIND! Hardik gets his second wicket and half of the Irish side is back to the dugout now.

OUT! TAKEN! Ireland is falling like a house of cards now. Siraj bowls short and attacks the stumps, George Dockrell attempts to pull this one over the leg side but the ball gets heavy on him on the bounce.

OUT! IN THE AIR AND GONE! Another one bites the dust! Ireland is going down in a flash here. Hardik bends his back and digs it in short, outside off, Mark Adair sees the width on offer and tries to pounce on it.

OUT! WHAT A GRAB! Excellent athleticism by Axar Patel! Ireland slipped further. Axar bowls it slower through the air and bowls it on a short length, on middle and leg, Barry McCarthy hangs back in his crease and looks to punch it down the ground.

SIX! Much needed for Ireland! Hardik Pandya lands this one on a good length, around the top of off, Gareth Delany clears his front leg and connects his pull shot to perfection off the middle of the bat.

FOUR! A nice important cameo from Little here. Full this time in length, on the stumps, Joshua Little reads it well employs the switch hit, and gets it well through the backward point for a boundary.

OUT! BULL'S EYE! That's Jasprit Bumrah at his very best! Fires a pin-point yorker on the middle stumps, Joshua Little moves the leg side of the ball to squeeze it out to the off side but fails to bring the bat down in time.

FOUR! That's nicely played down the ground! Arshdeep Singh lands it short and angles on the top of the middle, Gareth Delany moves the leg side of the ball and flat-bats it over mid-off for a boundary.

SIX! BANG! He connects and connects to perfection! Short in length, angling on the leg stump line, Gareth Delany clubs it nicely with the middle of the willow and pulls it over the longer side of the boundary over deep mid-wicket for a cracking six.

OUT! RUN OUT! And that's curtains for Ireland's innings and India manage to restrict them below triple figures. Arshdeep Singh bowls fuller in length, and on the off-stump line, Ben White aerially squeezes it through the backward point. ➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️

Ireland is out for just 96! A field day for the Indian pacers, picking out 8 of the 10 wickets to fall. Having opted to bowl first in overcast conditions, Arshdeep Singh set the tone for India, removing both Irish openers early

The Target for INDIA 97 to win.

DROPPED AND FOUR! Ireland just cannot afford these errors in the field! Holds onto the hard length.

SIX! This time he connects and connects well! A friendly knee-length full toss, tailing back in on the pads, Rohit Sharma gets underneath it and flatly slaps it downtown for a biggie.

OUT! TAKEN! Virat Kohli departs trying to find the aggressive route and India loses the first wicket! Mark Adair lands this one on a good length, nipping away with the angle outside off.

FOUR! WHAT A CRACKING SHOT! Lands this one right underneath the bat, a friendly half-volley to be precise, on off, Rishabh Pant picks the bones out of it and spanks it down the ground over the non-striker's head for a cracking boundary to end the over.

FOUR! Beautifully played! Offers width this time does Little and goes full as well, Rohit Sharma leans on it and carves it up and over cover-point for a boundary. Rohit brings up 4000 runs in T20I cricket.

FOUR! Not quite off the middle of the bat but Rishabh Pant will take it! Lands it on a back of a length, outside off, Rishabh Pant frees his arms and slaps it back over the bowler's head for a boundary.

SIX! BOOM! Rohit Sharma connects this one alright! Joshua Little delivers it on a shortish length, right where Rohit needs it, around off. Rohit Sharma is waiting for it on the back foot and nails the pull-over deep square leg for a maximum.

SIX! Much finer but the result is the same! Back-to-back maximums for the Indian skipper! Short again but it is on a tighter line, at the batter, Rohit Sharma swivels in his crease and pulls it flat but over fine leg for six more runs.

FOUR! A gift for Rohit Sharma to get to his FIFTY and the Indian skipper obliges! Mark Adair misses his mark and serves up a juicy full toss, on the middle, Rohit Sharma waits on it and smacks it through the vacant mid-wicket region for a boundary.

SIX! Thank You says Pant! Short in length, and around off, sets up nicely for the batter. Rishabh Pant reads the length well and readies himself for a pull shot creating a strong base before hoisting it over deep square leg for a biggie.

FOUR! Cracked away! Dishes out the googly, full and on off, Rishabh Pant picks it early and makes room before smashing it over cover for a boundary.

OUT! IN THE AIR AND TAKEN! Suryakumar Yadav tries to finish it with a maximum but holes out! Ben White offers flight nicely and keeps it full, on and off.

SIX! OUTRAGEOUS FROM RISHABH PANT! A contender for the shot of the tournament! This has taken us back to Pant's audacious reverse lap against James Anderson during the Ahmedabad Test in 2021.

India won by 8 wickets.

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