FOUR! EASY PICKINGS! Short of a length, angling down the leg. Aaron Johnson swivels and pulls it over short fine leg fielder for a boundary to get off the mark.

OUT! CAUGHT! Mark Adair draws first blood! Gets a big wicket of the in-form Navneet Dhaliwal. Back of a length, outside off.

FOUR MORE! Nicely played! Full-length, outside off. Aaron Johnson comes forward and lifts it toward wide long-off region for a cracking boundary.

OUT! IN THE AIR AND TAKEN! Craig Young strikes! Short of a length, around the waist. He swivels and pulls it toward the deep square leg region.

FOUR! Put Away! Barry McCarthy is greeted with a boundary! Short of a length, outside off.

OUT! In the air and caught in the deep! This was pitched full and shapes a tad outside off.

FOUR! CLEAN STRIKE! Full and straight at the stumps. Bajwa picks it early and lifts it back over the bowler, down toward long-off for a sublime boundary.

OUT! CAUGHT & BOWLED! Gareth Delany strikes off his first ball! Wrong'un, on the middle and leg stump line.

FOUR! Up and Away! Slower and fuller, around off. Movva takes a hand off the blade and lifts it toward wide of long-on for a boundary.

SIX! BOOM! Nicholas Kirton breaks the shackles with a maximum! This was pitched full and in the slot on middle.

SIX! STAND AND DELIVER! Full and at the stumps. Kirton makes room and pumps it over long-off for a maximum. 18 runs off the over.

OUT! SNOTTER FROM Barry McCarthy and Kirton is gone! Sharp short ball, around the left shoulder.

HOLES OUT! Slower back of a length delivery, around off. Dilon Heyliger makes room and swings hard at it.

FOUR! Shreyas Movva gets a much needed boundary! Short ball, outside off. Movva stays deep and slaps it aerially toward deep extra cover for a boundary.

OUT! RUN OUT! A single and a wicket to end the innings! Full and at the stumps. Movva lifts it toward the long-off region and looks to take on the second.

Canada finish on 137 for 7.

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