FOUR! If these are signs of things to come then it is going to big a long outing for Oman. Pitched up wide outside off, Travis Head swings and connects well as he drills this wide of the extra-cover fielder for four.

OUT! TAKEN AT MID OFF! On a length swinging away from Head outside his off-stump.

FOUR! SWEPT AWAY! Tossed up in the middle, Mitchell Marsh takes a long stride in front and sweeps this like a tracer bullet past the deep square-leg fielder for four.

OUT! TAKEN IN THE DEEP! On a length much slower and around off, Mitchell Marsh looks to take on the long on fielder and clear the fence but miscues it off the cue end and lofts this towards Shoaib Khan at long on for his dismissal.

OUT! CAUGHT! GOODNESS GRACIOUS ME! Aqib Ilyas removes Glenn Maxwell on a golden duck with an absolute stunner.

SIX! Uh, oh! Ayaan Khan takes the catch in the deep but ends up falling back on the ropes.

SIX! That is massive from Marcus Stoinis! Pitched up again and right in the slot on the stumps, Stoinis with a lovely swing through the line and the ball gets smoked a long way back over long on for a biggie.

SIX! As flat a maximum as you'll see! Full and on middle, Marcus Stoinis clears the front leg and swats it flat to the left of long on and the ball travels all the way over the ropes.

SIX! Wow, four sixes in the over and Marcus Stoinis has turned the game on its head in the space of 6 deliveries.

NO BALL AND SIX! FIFTY for up for 'THE HULK,' Marcus Stoinis and these are ominous signs for Oman. A poor delivery really from Bilal Khan as he bowls a high full toss outside the off stump.

SIX! FIFTY up for David Warner now too as he gets his first maximum of the night.

SIX! Up, up and away! Goes full and bowls it on the off stump, Marcus Stoinis stays deep in the crease, covers the line and just lifts it dead straight for another biggie.

OUT! TAKEN! Finally, Oman break the stand but the damage has been done. Kaleemullah steams in from over the stumps and bowls a heavy short ball, dug in quite short and around off stump.

FOUR! Nicely done! A bit slower and into the pitch around the leg stump, Tim David waits on it angles it well and gets stellar timing on it to get it behind a deep square leg for a boundary.

OUT! RUN OUT! They had to go on the final ball but there was never a second run there. Bilal Khan bowls it full and at the stumps, gets it in the blockhole.

Australia did manage to finish with a solid score of 164/5 on the board.

FOUR! Oh, that is a lovely, lovely shot to get the run chase underway.

OUT! LBW! A brute of a delivery from Mitchell Starc as he gets the fuller one to swing back in late from the middle stump.

OUT! LBW! Looked dead straight and the finger was raised after the appeal! There were two noises though and Kashyap Prajapati has taken the review.

SIX! Aqib Ilyas giving Marcus Stoinis a taste of his own medicine and that has landed just beyond the pool.

OUT! EDGED AND GONE! A lovely piece of bowling and Marcus Stoinis has the last laugh as he sends the Oman skipper back to the hut. Lovely length, just a bit full and on off stump, this one pitches and seams away off the deck.

OUT! CAUGHT BEHIND! Marcus Stoinis has done it again and is singlehandedly winning the game for his side.

FOUR! Streaky but will do for Oman at the moment.

OUT! TAKEN! As easy as it could be for Glenn Maxwell in the deep. On a length outside off, Khalid Kail slices this straight down the throat of Glenn Maxwell at deep point for a simple catch.

OUT! CASTLED! Fuller one on the popping crease and drifting in, Shoaib Khan advances down the track and yorks himself.

SIX! SMASHED! Pitched up around off, Mehran Khan clears his front leg and launches this over the fence straight down the ground towards long on for a maximum.

SIX! HAMMERED! Tossed up in the middle, Ayaan Khan rocks back and slogs this up and over the deep mid-wicket fielder for a maximum.

OUT! ZAMPA HAS THE LAST LAUGH! Wrong'un in the middle, Ayaan Khan was eyeing the stands again.

SIX! Mehran Khan is working hard to bring some joy to the face of the Oman fans.

OUT! Splendid work in the field removes Mehran Khan from the middle.

OUT! TAKEN THIS TIME! Short-pitched wide of off, not a lot of pace to work with.

Australia beat Oman by 39 runs, It might look straightforward on paper given the 39-run victory margin.

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